Bandero: Taste the Legacy

Our Story

Our Agave is grown amongst the Guachimotones and we create Bandero in the same bold spirit as those who built these ancient round pyramids more than 2,000 years ago.

 Bandero | Our Story

Bandero Moments

Our Blue Weber Agave grows in the same red clay soil that captures the legacy left by the Mexican civilization who embraced nature, adventure, and celebrated life’s precious moments – the #BanderoMoments.

 Bandero | Our Story

Bandero Bottles

Our rugged, leather-clad, canteen-style bottles are made using 100% recycled glass. The leather is sourced locally, and inspired by the authentic Huarache sandals traditionally worn by native tribes from Jalisco.

 Bandero | Our Story

Bandero Life

Some of the world's most celebrated beauty can be found right here along the California-Mexico coast. We sought to create a tequila that best symbolizes all that this region has to offer, with the perfect blend of culture, landscape, and cuisine.

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